Yoper Installation

Yoper installer is still very immature. it is text based and above this if you forget to give some option correctly, you have no way to come back and correct the mistake.

I read that Yoper does not support Grub in V2 installer. When it asked me to chose the partition to install boot loader, I just skipped.

Later, when I came to know that Yoper team has added Grub as boot loader (still default is LILO but you have an option to choose Grub as well), I could not come back and select the boot partition.

But what I liked at this moment of installation that Yoper team is very fast in fixing things. The review I read was about Yoper V2, and in Version 2.1 they had already fixed the problems mentioned about the installer in the review (Ok, not all the problems but at least the most visible one).

I realised that installer is not the strongest point of Yoper. Afterall, when you have as nice a Distro as Yoper, who cares what little problem you faced at installation time :-)

Go Yoper.