Setting up ACPI (with Custom DSDT) on Yoper

As I mentioned earlier, the default Yoper desktop is good enough but I had to setup ACPI because I need to compile custom DSDT specific to my laptop (custom DSDT creation method is described in detail at

I could install kernel source from Yoper web-site, but I had saved the kernel source from my debian box. It is because, on debian box kernel source I had already applied
1) acpi patch (
This patch provides proper acpi support in kernel
2) acpi custom patch (
This patch enables you to provide your custom DSDT table (see

Also had already copied the DSDT hex file prepared by me for my laptop (Sens S830).

After copying that kernel source to /usr/src, I started compilation (make bzImage, make modules, make modules_install).

I installed the kernel manually because I am using Grub as boot loader which is not supported properly under Yoper (Yoper's default boot loader is LILO, yet).

Also I installed acpid (apt-get install acpid) from Yoper repositories. But there is no acpi client script on Yoper servers, so I downloaded an i686 RPM for acpi client script using

After rebooting with new kernel, everything, yes almost everything stopped working. My network card, sound card, nothing was working.

The reason. Well, it was because I compiled all these things as loadable modules in my kernel while Yoper default kernel comes with everything compiled into kernel. So, there was no entry in /etc/modprobe.conf for loadable modules.

I used generate-modprobe.conf script that comes with new module init tools, to auto-generate modprobe.conf file.
generate-modprobe.conf /etc/modprobe.conf

Rebooted again and things started working fine :-)

Happy ending....