A word about "Yoper"

Yoper!! as claimed by the creator of Yoper, is I suppose, the fastest Linux distro out of the box.
Ok, I have not tried all the distros in the world, so I can not say "The Fastest", but It would not stop me from saying that it is the fastest out of the box among all the distros I have seen.

I have already described very briefly Yoper installation. After installation, you are presented with a fast, real fast, KDE desktop with a custom theme.

First thing you must do is
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Gnome does not come pre-installed. If you want to install Gnome, type
apt-get install Ygnome

The kernel I got with Yoper was For me, Network (e100 driver) and Sound (ESS maestro3 driver) was already setup.

Sax2 was automatically launched after installation for configuring X. So X was running fine.

So over all, its a very good desktop for a new Linux user. I think a new user will find most of her daily use utilities just some clicks away (and even those clicks are fast :-).

As for me, I wanted to make some changes to suit my laptop, highest priority being enabling ACPI support correctly. Though Yoper has ACPI enabled, my laptop's DSDT is broken. I have correct DSDT (as described at www.azeemarif.co.nr) but to incorporate this corrected DSDT in the system I have to compile the kernel again.