ACPI and Kernel 2.6.9

When Linux Kernel 2.6.9 was released I saw that the ACPI patches I used to apply (ACPI and custom DSDT patch) are already incorporated into the kernel.
There were 2 new MACROs in the [kernel source]/driver/acpi/osl.c

I made a PKGBUILD file for kernel compilation under Arch linux and compiled the kernel. But while setting the kenel parameters these options were not available. I compiled kernel 3 times with different options but these above mentioned options were not at all available.

I booted in Yoper and read the kernel code, Kconfig files and some scripts to find that these options will only be visible depending on some other options selection or non-selection. The culprit was STANDALONE macro which I had set under general driver options heading.

Afre de-selecting STANDALONE option, I was able to set

good lesson on kernel configuration files. phew!


ricardo111 said...

Thanks for sharing this STANDALONE issue. Really usefull for me, did not find it in ACPI related blogs which I have found very accurate and to the point